Video entertainment is another way to capture that special moment between a husband and wife, or even a young woman coming of age at a quinceañera. Video will capture the auditory moments that photographs transform into stillness. By documenting your extraordinary event by talented photographers, Gustavo Villarreal Photography will bring to life the magic in behind the lens. We pair our tremendous creative ability of our photographers with a one of a kind customer service that will ensure satisfaction. Our superior photography goal is geared towards special events and weddings, through a network of distinguished photojournalist and photographer that is accessible and affordable.

Gustavo Villarreal Photography & Video, believe that your event is one of the most special and memorable days in your life and deserves to be documented by a photographers of extraordinary talent. The goal of the Gustavo Villarreal Photography & Video, is to provide superior photography to couples planning a wedding or event, that is both professional and affordable. At the same time, we hope to pair the tremendous creative ability of our photographers with reliable and dependable customer service from the office of Gustavo Villarreal Photography & Video in Montebello, California.

The result is not only an album of photographs unmatched in their ability to capture the soul and spirit of that special day, but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. From the moment they first meet their photographer in the months before the event, to the moment they receive their handcrafted album from Gustavo Villarreal Photography & Video.

As photographers, we’ve come across so many happy moments, which has only increased our passion for photography and the difference we can make into someone’s life worth all our creativity and energy we put into our pictures. Our approach to photography is uncompromising, we make sure your photographs share a story in a captivating way. Our goal is simple, that is, to see people smile and cherish the moments we’ve captured for many many years to come. We love what we do and we are dedicated to our passion of photography, we see ourselves going a long way into creating wonderful memories. We take pride in the work and appreciate everyone who puts their trust in our abilities, we cannot thank them enough.