LGBT Photo & Video Events

Our style of photographing activities during the preparation phase of your wedding is a bit different from what we bring to the ceremony. At the ceremony, we lean toward the more traditional and formal style of wedding photography. At the same time we take great pride in our ability to strike a pleasing balance between formal photographs and the contemporary emphasis on the photojournalistic, or candid style. There are many exciting things that happen during this portion of your wedding day that are best captured through the candid, unposed style of photo journalism.

Through this blend of the traditional and candid approach we can provide the quality formal pictures and portraits artistic renderings suitable for framing that our clients have come to expect over the years. While at the same time candidly capturing those exciting, spontaneous moments, sometime tearful, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes even embarrassing, but always memorable activities that take place before the ceremony. Let’s discuss your wedding, domestic partnership celebration or commitment ceremony.
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